Industrial architecture in Mexico aims to improve the functionality of the work space to strengthen your company´s productivity.

Industrial architecture in Mexico

AEN Corp is the leading expert in Industrial Architecture in Mexico, construction and industrial plant maintenance. Our guarantee is backed-up by our work systems such as FAST TRACK.

One of AEN Corp commitments with our clients is the fulfilment of their needs in terms of improving all of their activities under the same roof.

We at AEN Corp understand the necessity for optimizing space in the manufacturing and transformation industry..


AEN has the capacity to meet the challenges that the manufacturing industry is currently facing in terms of architecture.


AEN Corp´s industrial architecture in Mexico services are divided into two: Construction and maintenance.

Industrial parks and plants
Specially designed surfaces for the optimal usage of land in the industrial environment

Architectural re-design
Design and logistics of flow charts that will enable the correct distribution of industrial processes.

Commercial Development
Design and construction of building complex that caters to the commercial needs of our clients.

Design and construction of commercial spaces that will house and showcase your products or services.

Planning and logistics for excavation, moving, unloading and soil compacting for the construction of any given job

Industrial recreation areas
Solution and prevention of deteriorating or damaged areas such as the lunch place, restrooms, outdoor leisure areas, etc

Specialized detailing
Coating and detailing for floors, walls or glass with specific materials.

Concrete floors and walls
Repair and maintenance of compact surfaces that divide or hold any construction.

Development destined to the storage of several goods.

Metallic structures
Inspection and expert opinion on the analysis of structures that can hold industrial worksites.

Industrial plant repairs
Partial or full renovation of an industrial building.

Work, experience and quality is our best calling card, AEN has develop more than 100 projects in the state of Baja California as well as the Norwest of Mexico trough out 15 years


If you are interested in one of our services, give us a call.