AEN Corp specializes in the design and construction of certified clean rooms in Tijuana that require a strict environmental control


Design and construction of certified clean rooms in Tijuana

When it comes to limiting the access of air particles, humidity, temperature, pressure, air flow and lighting AEN Corp solves the need by building rooms that manage strict environmental parameters.

Quality, for us, is also a priority.

AEN Corp’s clean rooms guarantee the confinement of environments or conditions that endanger the productivity or efficiency of your productive process.

AEN Corp construction system combines design with spaces that require absolute cleanness.

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic
  • Other Controls: Optic, food industry, materials, etc

International quality standards

AEN Corp’s clean rooms are design to comply with international health regulations such as FED209, ISO 14644 and the official Mexican norm that classifies and describes the levels of hygiene in controlled spaces.

Clean rooms are characterized for complying with safety measures that avoid contamination of materials due to microorganisms that are typically found in the environment.


Clean rooms in Tijuana designed by AEN Corp offer solutions to the manufacturing and transforming industry that will surely meet your project’s necessities


To avoid contamination of spaces, AEN Corp develops certified spaces where:

» The air that enters the clean room is sterile thanks to special filtering that eliminates particles and other microorganisms, avoiding the accumulation of dust

» The room’s pressure is controlled in a way that when the doors are opened, the air from the exterior does not have access to the interior

» The room’s walls are recoated with special materials to avoid contamination

» Noise control systems are available

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AEN’s clean rooms comply with the international quality standards required by our customers.