AEN Corp is a construction and industrial architecture company in Tijuana, Mexico, with more than 15 years of experience, dedicated to the development of projects, remodeling and maintaining of industrial spaces.

AEN Solutions in Industrial Architecture

AEN Corp is in charge of solving the needs of the facilities department or the management of installations for the manufacturing industry by offering integrated solutions as a construction company as well as an architecture firm and repairs provider for industrial plants.

The clients of the organization have the certainty that they are working with the best option in industrial project management; AEN Corp is formed by a team of specialized professionals in several areas.

Industrial Architecture

Design, extensions, construction and maintenance of industrial plants and commercial spaces with industrial architecture.

Fast Track Construction

Fast Track is AEN Corp’s third pillar. The construction company applies this method to projects of industrial architecture nature as well as urban projects.

Production lines

Design, modification and installation of production lines and industrial processes

AEN Corp’s philosophy is to turn every challenge into a possible project with the help of technology and experience.


Thanks to the sum of knowledge and the multidisciplinary team that integrates the organization, AEN has become an expert in solving every single investment of the manufacturing industry in an integrated manner: it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about expansion or settling in northern Mexico.

One of AEN Corp’s commitments is to cover the need for improvement of our clients under one roof.

Guided by this work methodology, AEN Corp provides services that allow for substantial savings during the development of industrial projects; our clients will not need to hire several companies at once.

Due to the globalization of the manufacturing industry, the standards and norms have become more rigorous and demanding. AEN Corp has it as one of its priorities to train all of its personnel and that’s why AEN Corp has the capacity to respond to the international requirements of the manufacturing industry.

“We solve any situation that shows up in the industry. Every need gets treated as a project and we submitted as such” – AEN Corp.


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